~ fleet admiral Artagnan Voltaire ~

Gender: male - Status: DECEASED (†R.C.487-08-21)
Enlistment date: R.C.487-01-23
Start planet: GE HQ (Galactic Empire secret HQ)
Flagship: [unnamed], Barbarossa class (crew: 945)

Fleet #1 (R.C.487-01-23, LOST ON R.C.487-08-21 >> 5th battle of Iserlohn)
Fleet #2 (R.C.487-01-26, LOST ON R.C.487-08-21 >> 5th battle of Iserlohn)
Fleet #3 (R.C.487-02-02, LOST ON R.C.487-08-21 >> 5th battle of Iserlohn)
Fleet #4 (R.C.487-02-07, LOST ON R.C.487-08-16 >> Skirmish in Altair starzone)

R.C.487-01-23: promoted to commodore rank
R.C.487-01-26: promoted to rear admiral rank
R.C.487-02-02: promoted to vice admiral rank
R.C.487-02-07: promoted to admiral rank
R.C.487-02-13: promoted to high admiral rank
R.C.487-02-20: promoted to fleet admiral rank

Skirmishes and battles
>> R.C.487-02-27: 2nd battle of Alviss
>> R.C.487-02-29: 3rd battle of Alviss
>> R.C.487-03-08: 4th battle of Alviss
>> R.C.487-03-16: 2nd battle of Dverger
>> R.C.487-03-18: 2nd battle of Jafnhár
>> R.C.487-04-03: 3rd battle of Jafnhár
>> R.C.487-04-04: 4th battle of Jafnhár
>> R.C.487-04-08: 6th battle of Gandharva
>> R.C.487-04-10: 3rd battle of Porewit
>> R.C.487-06-30: 4th battle of Porewit
>> R.C.487-07-03: 3rd battle of Fezzan
>> R.C.487-07-15: Skirmish in Gandharva starzone
>> R.C.487-08-05: Skirmish in Shiva starzone
>> R.C.487-08-05: Skirmish in Gandharva starzone
>> R.C.487-08-08: 5th battle of Porewit
>> R.C.487-08-09: 4th battle of Fezzan
>> R.C.487-08-10: 5th battle of Jafnhár
>> R.C.487-08-16: Skirmish in Altair starzone
>> R.C.487-08-19: 5th battle of Iserlohn

Family relatives
>> high admiral Jean Pierre Voltaire (†R.C.487-01-07)

>> admiral Porthos Voltaire (ACTIVE SERVICE)

No children recorded.

Battlefield relatives
>> fleet admiral Anton Von Ryder (†R.C.487-11-11)
>> fleet admiral Conrad Driscoll (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Paul Schmitt (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Deiter Rationelle (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Friedrich Von Wittelsbach (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Konstantin Von Radetz (†R.C.487-08-18)

>> fleet admiral Walter Charlock (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Emeraldas Ii Oyama (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Fredo Junior Bis Fredol (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Aurelia Dimatulac (ACTIVE SERVICE)
>> fleet admiral Kayto Shields (ACTIVE SERVICE)

Snapshot album
No snapshot recorded.